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Sea wall to stop erosion

Tevita Vuibau
Saturday, December 21, 2013

WHEN the elders of Dakuni in Beqa decided on the location of their village, they took into account many things, including its sheltered position from hurricanes, easy access to fish in the sea, and soil quality for rootcrops from the land.

But what they could not predict was that the village's proximity to the shore would leave it vulnerable to climate change.

Over the years the sea has been eroding the shoreline fronting the village until eventually they could bear it no longer and decided to fundraise for a sea wall. The initial sea wall did not encompass the whole beachfront so the shoreline continued to erode.

On Wednesday however, there was cause for celebration among the villagers when a new sea wall built with money from the government was finally commissioned.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the government provided $85,000 for its construction which the villagers were grateful for.

Villager Savenaca Kamikamica said the seawall gave them joy and peace of mind.

"We were running out of land to build houses but that is no longer the case now, " Mr Kamikamica said.

"Initially the houses were right at the edge of the water because the water had advanced so far inland," Mr Kamikamica said.