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Participants combine Christmas with Bula

Tevita Vuibau
Saturday, December 21, 2013

THE Suva Fire Station Blue Watch team took out the final winning prize of $800 for this year's Bula Friday — office challenge bringing to a close one of the most successful competition to date.

Judges who made the final decision for this week's winner said the Suva Fire Station Blue Watch team beat out strong competition from other entries.

"There were some really nice bula outfits this week and we'd like to congratulate and thank all the offices for making a fantastic effort," the judges said.

"But the challenge was for the most creative and fun photo and it was down to NFA, FASANOC and Douglas Manufacturing.

"And the judges felt that NFA really captured the Bula Friday spirit with their fun action shot, showcasing the tools of their trade.

"FASANOC was a close second. Congratulations NFA for winning $800 this week."

The judges said this year's competition received the most entries ever and thanked all the companies that participated and for their effort.

The next "Bula Friday — office challenge" launches early 2014.