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PSC awards workers

Tevita Vuibau
Saturday, December 21, 2013

CAKAUDROVE native Jale Ratudoi was awarded for his commitment to excellence when he was awarded the PSC employees' choice and PSC employee of the quarter during the PSC service excellence awards last week.

He was selected for the award after the directors of each division in the PSC nominated workers from their respective divisions for the award.

The list of nominees was then circulated to all staff of the PSC to vote.

Mr Ratudoi, who also took out the Corporate Services Division employee of the quarter award, was lost for words when asked to describe his win.

He eventually got over his stage fright to encourage his colleagues.

"It's all about showing a level of commitment and to work hard," he said.

"Following the advice of our leaders in order to achieve our goals at the end of every year is also very important.

"Not only to achieve the goals of the ministry or unit but of the department and that's an important thing that we need to focus on and aim for."

The PSC also said the performance of the staff at the public service was recognised on a quarterly basis.