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Stop to glue sniffing

Shalveen Chand
Saturday, December 21, 2013

A NASINU suburb has been able to work with the police to put a stop to youths in the area inhaling glue.

Duvula Rd in Nadera had become a common place for teenagers and young adults to gather and inhale glue, particularly around the steps leading up to a Hindu temple.

Navin Prasad, 47, a resident said there was a time when the drain next to the temple was filled with empty glue cans.

"It was becoming quite unsafe," he said.

"I would walk past the area after work, often in the dark.

"And there would be a gang sitting on the steps inhaling glue.

"I knew they were inhaling glue because I could see them do it.

"But there has been increased police presence in the area.

"For the past six to seven months, there haven't been such activities."

Another resident living in the vicinity spoke to this newspaper on condition of anonymity that there had been incidents when stones were thrown on their house in retaliation when they questioned the youths.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said this was an example of how the community and the police could work together to resolve social issues.

Under the law, people caught inhaling glue cannot be arrested because glue is not classified as a narcotic.