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Recruits reminded of challenges and expectations

Shalveen Chand
Saturday, December 21, 2013

ONE hundred and ten aspiring recruits graduated as police officers at the Nasova Barracks yesterday.

And they were told their celebration would have to be cut short as they would soon be deployed to various centres to beef up the police force.

Acting Police Commissioner Ravi Narayan warned the recruits of the increasingly tough challenges and high public expectations they faced.

"Police work is demanding and stressful. You will feel good when you know what you're doing has a direct effect on the people of Fiji," he said.

"You will get full satisfaction when you know that you are directly serving the community with your professional knowledge and training.

"Never get your vision blurred in the face of pressure or monotony of your work. Without vision, the efforts and endeavours you make will diminish."

ACP Narayan also reminded the recruits they must respect everybody's rights.

"Respect everyone's rights, including those of the suspects and persons in custody.

"You will come across a wide variety of cases, including complex transnational and commercial crimes and thorny cases of domestic violence. You need good judgment, responsiveness and constantly high vigilance.

"Our current manpower requires that all of us do our part and I commend the tremendous work done by the frontline officers."

ACP Narayan said 2014 would be another challenging year.

"Government has made its intentions known of holding elections next year and our organisation has a crucial role to ensure it is realised."