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Dengue fightback steps up

Tevita Vuibau
Saturday, December 21, 2013

THE Ministry of Health continues to register cases of dengue fever in urban and suburban localities of Suva with cases even being reported in the Rewa and Serua/Namosi health boundaries.

And the Ministry of Health is now strongly urging the public to be vigilant with preventative measures and to seek medical advice if they showed symptoms of dengue fever, such as headaches and pain in the muscles and joints.

Minister for Health Dr Neil Sharma said the ministry would also undertake insecticide spraying.

"To assist in rapidly reducing the density of the dengue-mosquitoes and therefore arrest dengue transmission, the Ministry of Health and municipalities will undertake insecticide spraying from today in the Suva urban and suburban localities only," he said.

He also advised people to leave windows and doors open during spraying times and to cover all cooked and uncooked food to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the process.

"Breathe into a handkerchief if need be to dampen the odour of the insecticide fumes and rinse eating utensils and exposed toys after the spraying."

He said dengue-mosquito breeding grounds needed to be destroyed as well.

"The dengue-mosquito breeds in water-containing receptacles found in and around the house.

"To reduce the mosquito replication and its density, it is therefore important to empty water out of flower vases or fill it in with sand, discard empty juice bottles, cans, unused tyres, and open drums.

"Water-filled drums and water tanks need to be covered."