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Travel: Flooding hits roads in west

Friday, December 20, 2013

Update: 12:16PM SIXTEEN roads in the Western Division are closed due to flooding. And the Fiji Roads Authority has issued a warning for people and vehicles travelling to certain areas.

In Rakiraki, the Rakiraki Access Rd, Waimari Rd, Narara Rd, Drana Crossing and Korotale Rd are all closed while in Ba, Koroboya Rd, Babriban Crossing, Toge Rd, Maranitawa Rd, Koula Rd, Vutuni Rd and Varadoli Rd are close to traffic.

For motorists In Lautoka, the Vaivai Rd Crossing, Navula Rd and B.Charan Rd are closed and under water in Nadi are the Lavusa Crossing, Togo Access, Masi Crossing and Vatutu Access.

Qalela Rd Crossing in Tavua is also closed.