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Village sports day raises awareness

Rashneel Kumar
Friday, December 20, 2013

THE Tamavua Village Community Sports and Awareness program held last week Friday was hailed a success.

The village organised an awareness and sports day on Friday to raise awareness on the increase in sexual offences and crimes committed towards their children and women.

The sports day also included awareness sessions on child sexual abuse conducted by the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre.

The Fiji Network for People Living with HIV was also present to speak on the HIV/AIDS issues.

Village headman Taniela Lagilagi, in a statement, said "domestic violence and child sexual abuse is a problem is our country and it needs us as a country to work together to assist our women and children from such degrading acts".

"We the people of Tamavua Village are grateful to all the business houses who supported our event."

The event was attended by 300 people including children from neighboring settlements in Cunningham and Tamavua-i-Wai.

Sack race, relays, touch rugby, netball, volleyball, coconut climbing and mini floral and fashion shows were some activities that took place in the day-long program.

The program was officially opened by the co-ordinator of the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre, Shamima Ali.

Lagilagi thanked the Rosy Cakes Shop (morning tea), Mark One Apparel (100 kids jerseys, lunch packs), British American Tobacco (lunch packs), Holiday Inn- Prize (food and beverage vouchers), Viti FM (merchandise), Fiji Water (six cartons Fiji Water), Fiji Women's Crisis Centre (merchandise), CJ Patel (prizes kids essay and poster competition, floral arrangements), Ministry of Youth and Sports (sports equipment), Ministry of Health (free health check and oral care), PS Ministry of Agriculture (annual sports day trophy Mr Ropate Ligairi), Fiji Network for People Living with HIV (afternoon tea), Fiji Fashion Week (prizes for mini fashion show - tickets to 2014 Fiji Fashion Show) for their support.