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Netball warning

Rashneel Kumar
Friday, December 20, 2013

FIJI netball coach Unaisi Rokoura has reminded players to show a lot of commitment as she maps out plans for the upcoming season.

The national squad is scheduled to regroup in the second week of January.

Rokoura said with the festive season approaching, the onus was on the players to maintain their fitness and be prepared for the 2014 season.

She said players that did not meet the standard in the season opening camp would not be considered for national duties.

"We have a very important season coming up. We have the World Cup qualifiers in the Cook Islands which is really important for us," Rokoura said.

"We really have to get things together and start working on our fitness levels to ensure we are on par with the top teams in the Pacific Netball Series."

The former national skipper said players needed to take responsibility of their diet this festive season and focus on the off season training.

She said the squad was provided with the off season program which would help the players with their fitness during the break.

"Individual commitment is really important and if we see the players don't meet the required standard when we regroup then sorry, we will have to let them go," Rokoura said. "The match against Malawi was an eye opener, not only for the players but for the officials as well.

"We have to come out of our comfort zone and stop seeing us as the Pacific champions. We have to take a step further to change the way we train and approach things in a much better way to become world beaters in future."

Rokoura said the team would meet to map out plans for next season before regrouping.