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Vendors ready for Christmas rush

Dawn Gibson
Friday, December 20, 2013

WITH Christmas less than a week away, market vendors are getting out their most popular consumables for this time of the year.

Some of these in-demand food include the starchy favourites — dalo, cassava and kumala, says fruit and vegetable vendor Angela Sharma.

"What I've noticed is that the most popular ones around this time are the heavy foods and a lot of vegetables too," Ms Sharma said yesterday.

"Carrots, lettuce, rourou, ginger, tomatoes, bananas and chillies are some of the most popular ones."

Ms Sharma, who has been selling fruits and vegetables in Suva for the past 12 years, said on average she sold her vegetables for no more than $3 a heap.

"But sometimes it changes, especially during this season, but most of them range between $1 and $3."

Fellow vendor Ana Cilia of Nausori said kavika was in season.

"Now it's kavika season and mango season has just finished, so a lot of people are buying that," Ms Cilia said yesterday.

"We sell cooked and raw dalo and cassava which are also very popular now and the ivi season is coming up too."

She said young coconuts also sold well during this season.

She sells a bundle of dalo for $10 and packs of cooked pieces for $2 a bag.