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Mita Diran died after 30 hours of work

Friday, December 20, 2013

ON Saturday copywriter Mita Diran tweeted about working for 30 hours straight at her Indonesian agency job.

Mita Diran@mitdoq

30 hours of working and still going strooong.

11:47 PM - 14 Dec 2013

The next day the 24-year-old was dead.

Not long after writing what would be her final tweet, Mita collapsed, fell into a coma and didn't wake up.

She suffered heart failure and died.

It is not yet clear what caused Mita's death.

Her father, also an ad agency employee, attributed his daughter's shock death to overwork, while local media reports blamed long hours coupled with her addiction to energy drinks.

Mita Diran@mitdoq

Spent half the night writing copy and finishing up a 23-page deck with a glass of vodka/red bull mix and now I can't sleep. SO BEAR WITH ME.

11:00 AM - 7 Nov 2013

Her chilling Twitter feed shows the life of a young copywriter struggling with the excessive demands of her work at the Indonesian arm of global ad agency Young & Rubicam.

Mita Diran@mitdoq

Alright, one full week of going home past 2am from the office. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we just broke a record.

10:37 AM - 9 Nov 2013

Advertising agencies are known for having a high pressure environment, as employees struggle to meet short deadline demands.

Mita Diran@mitdoq

The more you spend time at the office, the more you consider moving your bed here. Preferably next to the fan. #AgencyLife

9:37 AM - 30 Oct 2013

Mita Diran@mitdoq

"One does not simply leave at 6PM." #AgencyLife. 2:29 AM - 1 Oct 2013

Feeling the stress, in 2011 Mita took to Tumblr with an open plea.

But her cry for help was ignored and she continued working at an unsustainable pace for years — often finishing at 2am. Or 4.45am.

Mita Diran@mitdoq

So it's 2AM, Friday night and I'm at the office, nibbling on junk food with 9 other creatives. I'm actually okay with this. #AgencyLife. 7:03 AM - 26 Oct 2013

Mita Diran@mitdoq

4.45 AM and I'm finally home.

9:27 AM - 26 Oct 2013

The self-proclaimed geek managed to stay awake with a mix of Red Bull and vodka.

Mita Diran@mitdoq

First day back at work after being sick for three days, and I spend over 12 hours at the office. #AgencyLife

3:15 AM - 18 Oct 2013

Mita Diran@mitdoq

In the meantime, how to revive all my dead brain cells, killed in the nasty battle of Chick Flick Marathons After Days of Working Overtime? 5:00 AM - 1 Oct 2013

Her final Tumblr post, titled "She is poisoned", poetically detailed how she felt like a hostage in a life where she was losing sleep, her appetite and her mind.

After her death, other agency workers came out in support for Mita, hoping to stop the tragedy happening again.

Hendri Cahyana@hendri

Copywriter Mita Diran died after overworking herself. My creative friends, tell your boss you're too young to die.

4:55 AM - 18 Dec 2013

They begged young workers not to work themselves to hard, to think about their health and remember it is just a job.


This is insane- no campaign is worth this. We're not curing cancer, it's just advertising: 1:52 AM - 17 Dec 2013

Young & Rubicam released a statement, advising it would shut its office on the day of her funeral to pay respects to a much-loved employee.

Don't work too hard, take a break and enjoy life.

Mita Diran@mitdoq

Sometimes I just want to sit down with someone and talk about life in general. Not about my life or other people's lives. Just, how we live. 7:42 AM - 13 Nov 2013