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Commit to the pledge

Dawn Gibson
Friday, December 20, 2013

WITH the threat of climate change not looking to get better any time soon, organisations are doing what they can to change the mind-sets and approaches to the global issue in the hope of minimising its impact on the Pacific region.

One such organisation is Pacific, which for the 2014 year, is hoping to change the narrative voice of all Pacific Islanders from "victims of climate change to warriors of the Pacific", as they described in a statement issued yesterday following the launch of their 2014 campaign.

"The campaign will seek to call upon people throughout the region to pledge their commitment to be active in 2014 in standing up for the Pacific Islands in the face of the region's biggest threat," the statement read. Pacific co-ordinator Koreti Tuimalu said committing to the pledge was a small step which carried immense weight.