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LTA policy on zero tolerance

Salaseini Moceiwai
Friday, December 20, 2013

A ZERO tolerance policy has been reinforced by the LTA for speeding drivers, motorists who use mobile phones while driving and drunk drivers.

And the authority will not hesitate to fine those caught with a penalty of $100 or a maximum of $500 depending on the severity of the offence committed.

Authority spokesman Iliesa Sokia said they would not issue warnings to drivers if they were caught.

"Operations will be mounted in densely-populated areas to capture irresponsible drivers who continuously violate the mobile communication regulations while driving," he said.

"Section 51 of the LTA regulation is very specific on the statement that says no driver while driving a motor vehicle on a public street may use any form of two way communication device unless the vehicle is first brought to a standstill in accordance with these regulations.

"The above also re-enforces section 45 of the regulation which relates to the control of the steering wheel. This states a driver, while driving on a public street, must drive with both hands firmly on the steering wheel unless when changing gear or other vehicle controls."

Mr Sokia said the LTA observed that every second driver on the road was spotted using a phone.