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LTA suspends licences

Salaseini Moceiwai
Friday, December 20, 2013

FOURTEEN drivers have had their licences suspended from the list of 20 habitual offenders in the North so far this year.

LTA CEO Naisa Tuinaceva told this newspaper in Labasa yesterday the suspension period ranged from six months to one year.

"The other six drivers received final warnings," he said.

"We have just completed a session with the drivers who are reported to be habitual offenders.

"This is a short course process whereby we summon the drivers to come and explain the reasons why we shouldn't suspend or cancel their licences as they have been identified as habitual offenders.

"The cases that came before me this morning were of drivers who have been booked several times, some of whom have been booked 50 times.

"The authority views this as a very serious issue that needs extra attention."

A concern that bothered the authority, Mr Tuinaceva said, was the rude behaviour and ignorant attitude of drivers.

"Some drivers' attitude is really getting worse and the authority wishes to send out a strong message that we will not be tolerating this.

"It's the job of the authority to isolate habitual offenders because they are notorious and show very little value for human life.

"It's our job to protect human lives and we won't allow this kind of drivers to continue with what they are doing because they don't respect the law."