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Fight against dengue

Tevita Vuibau
Friday, December 20, 2013

THE Ministry of Health is calling for a mass clean up in the Central Division to arrest the spread of dengue there.

And they have called for communities, business houses, NGOs and all property owners to work together in clean-up drives to fight back against the disease.

Acting national advisor for communicable diseases Dr Mike Kama made this call after confirming 19 new cases of dengue yesterday.

And he said the ministry was focusing all its efforts on preventative actions.

"We can continue to monitor and report the number of cases but it won't make any difference unless we do the prevention and control activities, then the cases will start to go down," Dr Kama said.

"With regards to the data that we have, since the last report of 42 on December 10, we now as of yesterday have an added 19 cases in the Central Division bringing it up to 61."

But he explained the ministry expected this when dealing with an increase in dengue fever cases.

"It's not new to us. It is expected because people are incubating the disease and after that period, they will show signs and symptoms."

Dr Kama emphasised that people needed to ensure their compounds were kept clean during this time, adding health inspectors would also conduct spraying of high risk areas to destroy breeding grounds.

"Now if one household or individual or community is able to do that over a weekend, that solves them the problem of dealing with dengue.

"They just put that rubbish on the road, the SCC comes to pick it up and takes it away, or whether it's Nasinu or Lami or wherever."

He said owners of overgrown properties with lots of shade and breeding grounds needed to be especially vigilant during this time.

"Other high risk areas include places with still water containers and things like this lying around the compound.

"All sorts of water receptacles, drums and tyres are things which need to be discarded."

Dr Kama said the Western Division had recorded dengue cases as well but these were decreasing and the ministry felt they would soon fade away.