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Father's lament

Maciu Malo
Friday, December 20, 2013

MOKAI Patolo has vowed to be the best father to his three hospitalised children should they survive a brutal attack which claimed the life of his 33-year-old wife and seven-month-old daughter on Wednesday.

Devastated and in tears, he said he felt helpless and had surrendered his life and children to God.

"My life is destroyed," Mr Patolo said.

"I have lost my wife and my baby but I am not waiting on my three daughters. If God wills my children to survive, then I plan to be the best father they could ever ask for."

The 31-year-old arrived from Tonga six years ago.

"I can't blame anyone and I believe that God has a plan for me and my children. I believe God wants me to change my life and leave everything behind. I need to face my problems and solve them myself."

He said he was at work when his landlord called to say that "something was wrong" at his Viseisei home.

"I was having my lunch so I ran to the road to stop a taxi and asked the driver who was from the same place to take me home.

"The house was quiet. Usually when I come home, the kids are crying or playing or watching TV. Then I remembered my wife said they were going to church and would be back by mid-day."

He said he went to the back door and saw that the house was a mess with rice, food, plates and clothes strewn all over the place.

"It was still quiet so I thought they had gone to church. I saw people gathering nearby so I went around to the front door, it was all closed.

"I pushed the door, I saw my daughters all lying there and blood everywhere. I ran and hugged my wife, tried to press her chest, then to my baby.

"I called her name but there was no answer. I knew I couldn't do anything so I moved on to my other three daughters, pressing their chest. I kept calling out their names. There was some movement so I called out to the taxi driver to help me load all my four children and for him to take them to hospital.

"Then I came back and lifted my wife. It was hard, but all the people who had gathered just stood there staring. No one came to help me, no one wanted to come near me. I saw a man from the village so I called out to him and he helped me lift my wife into the second taxi."

He said he never believed he would face such a traumatic experience.

"When I left home, I told my kids I would see them in the afternoon. I usually stay with them when my wife goes and works nightshift. I'm so sad because I loved my children. All I can do now is leave everything in God's hands."

Police West spokeswoman Naina Ragigia said investigations are continuing and a 22-year-old suspect is being questioned to ascertain the cause of the alleged killing of Tongan national Sisi Taofa Patolo and her baby Sera.

She also confirmed that three of the deceased's children were still admitted at the Lautoka Hospital.

She said the sisters - Fisi Peau, 5, Grace Patolo, 5, and Ana Kaitonua, 3 - were seriously injured during the violent incident.