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Buzzetti to work on players' diet

Arin Kumar
Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIET is one thing national coaching director Juan Carlos Buzzetti will work on during the under-20 soccer camp this week.

While the camp began on Monday and will conclude at the end of this week, Buzzetti hopes the players will continue to follow the diet plan even at home.

Last month, new national sevens coach Ben Ryan talked about the importance of nutrition for professional athletes of any sport. Buzzetti echoed similar sentiments, saying proper diet would depend on the players' commitment.

"Diet has been a very important part of the program for many years since I was here the first time and now again," he said.

"Unfortunately, you can only control their diet when they are in camp, away from camp it is very difficult or impossible to control. We depend on players' commitment to our instructions.

"Diet is a very important part like I explained above, but in the end the players need to be professional enough to follow instructions away from us.

"When in camp we are very strict with diet and players who arrive overweight are separated to a special table so we can control their diet, and daily we keep control of their food intake."

Buzzetti said the players' diet was designed by the coaches who provided the food list to the kitchen. "But at the same time when in camp and working three times a day in an intensive training program, diet is very important to be controlled to make sure the players' intake of food is well balanced, having consideration of what's available for their three daily meals.

"More important is to have a well-balanced diet with plenty of greens and fruit. The rest of the menu is balanced with the necessary intake of energy and calories because players spend lot of time on the ground."

Buzzetti said another important aspect of diet was proper hydration of the players.

"Fluid is another very important part of daily life with around three litres of water drunk by players during the day.

"It is compulsory for the players to walk with a bottle of water at any time during the day or night until they go to bed."