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Girls win, boys go down

Arin Kumar
Thursday, December 19, 2013

THE Fiji U18 girls hockey side upset the high flying Australian Country side 4-3 yesterday at the National Hockey Turf in Suva.

However, team coach Tai Smith said much more needed to be done before the team could play against national teams.

The under 18 girls and boys teams are preparing for the Youth Olympic Games qualifiers that will be held in Vanuatu in March next year while the Australian Country side is on a week-long tour of Fiji and suffered their first loss of the tour.

Fiji Boys I lost 8-2 while Boys II lost 21-2. The Girls II side lost 5-2.

Smith said the performance was much improved compared with their games on Monday.

"The scores were better today (yesterday) compared with Monday and that shows the efforts these players put in the games," she said.

"This just strengthens our chances in Vanuatu next year."

But she said there were some areas they would need to work on before they departed for Vanuatu.

"This is like the first time these boys and girls have played together as a team and from Monday and today (yesterday) I switched some of the players from team I to II and vice versa just to keep the strength of the team.

"But from what I have seen, they have the potential — it's just their attitude that needs some work.

"Attitude is the biggest problem all sports face, especially team sports, because the attitude of one player can bring the whole team down.

"So, that is a major thing that will need work and we will continue polishing up on our skills and fitness as much as we can."

Meanwhile, the Australian Country side faces the Fiji HPU sides today.