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Timely reward

Mere Naleba
Thursday, December 19, 2013

YOUTHS of Balekinaga Village in Ra yesterday received a timely present from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

During the past few years, the 19 males and three females decided to toil the land planting dalo, cassava and yaqona to help bring in much-needed income.

Farming cash crops is not easy but this was rewarded with a gift of a chainsaw and a brush-cutter to the youth group.

Known as the Wainiboa Youth Club, the group was officially handed the contribution by Youth and Sports permanent secretary Josefa Sania.

Western Division's youth officer Valami Naloga said the gifts were seen as a Christmas present for the club.

"The handing over of this equipment followed the completion of the Seeds of Success training conducted by our West office," Mr Naloga said.

The assistance was first brought to the attention of the youth ministry after a team toured the village and saw how hard it was for the club to do farming because they did not have proper tools.

Club president Nasoni Maroloa said farmers used axes and knives for farming but now, farming had been made easier with the assistance of the tools.

"The chainsaw will really see the quick development of our farms and the brush-cutter will definitely help as an alternative source of income for the club," Mr Maroloa said.