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Third week without water

Dawn Gibson
Thursday, December 19, 2013

WATER cuts continue to dampen the Christmas spirit with residents in Raiwaqa, Suva, still having issues with constant prolonged water cuts.

Resident Elenoa Lui said she needed water to bathe her bedridden father who requires daily showers and constant diaper changes.

"My father has been bed-ridden for the past four years and he requires showers every day and to arrange that is very difficult without water," Mrs Lui said yesterday.

"It's been two weeks now, this is going to be the third week that we've had no running water."

She also said that in the case where water did come on, it was often very late and very dirty.

"I've been calling them every day since it first started and they give the same answer. And when the water comes on, it's so dirty, just black.

"Today (yesterday) we've had some water flow, but there's no point because the water can't even be used, it's so dirty."

Bryce St resident Kiji Tomasi echoed Mrs Lui's complaints, saying in the past two weeks of constant water cuts, they only started receiving water trucks this week.

"The water trucks only started coming along this week, maybe Monday, and it's hard because I have so many things to wash but I can't," Mrs Tomasi said yesterday.

"Last weekend, we had my whole family over and without any water, the workload was doubled. Water is a necessity, I don't care if we don't have any electricity, we need water."

A Water Authority of Fiji statement issued yesterday said parts of Suva would experience intermittent supply because of low water levels in the Flagstaff and Nasinu reservoirs.