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$669k projects

Maciu Malo
Thursday, December 19, 2013

THE province of Ra will concentrate on projects that will result in about 2000 people gaining access to treated water in the new year.

Ra provincial administrator Sitiveni Tavaga said hundreds of villagers and rural dwellers would benefit from the development made possible by a government grant of $669,000.

He said rural areas had been neglected for years and many settlements were without properly treated water.

Mr Tavaga said water was a basic necessity so the projects were a priority in the new year.

"The commitment of the government is to supply consistent water to rural Fijians which is the reason we have set aside more than $600,000 for water projects," he said.

"One of these projects is the construction of water pipes from the mainland to Malake Island.

"We have been given a directive from the Prime Minister, through the Commissioner Western, for this project to start in early January."

He said six water projects were earmarked for the province.

"The water projects include Malake Island, Ra High School, Nanukuloa provincial compound, Naria, Vunikavikaloa and Dociu settlement in Wairuku.

"All these water projects are expected to be about 75 per cent complete by the end of June."