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Feasibility study for new city complex

Luke Rawalai
Thursday, December 19, 2013

FEASIBILITY and geotec works are continuing to determine the size of the much-awaited Damodar cinema city in Labasa.

Damodar Brothers (Films) Limited CEO Div Damodar said the analysis was being carried out at the proposed site near Naiyaca in Labasa Town which would indicate the number of shops that would be hosted with the new cinema city, including the food court.

Mr Damodar said the initial planning stages were in progress.

"At the moment we have yet to figure out the cost of this investment but this can only be done after the feasibility and geotec work stages," he said.

"The newly-planned cinema city will include shops, cinemas and outdoor entertainment for people of all ages.

"We promise the people of Labasa that our cinema city will be bigger and we will bring something totally new for the northerners."

Mr Damodar said the new cinema city would also provide employment for many people on Vanua Levu.

"We will provide employment for the people of Vanua Levu and lots of work opportunities will be created along with new businesses. Damodar City Labasa will be a great addition to the development of Vanua Levu and its people."