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Major works for Capital City

Shalveen Chand
Thursday, December 19, 2013

SIX mini-markets, an industrial park and revamping of Suva Point make up capital works on Suva City special administrator Chandu Umaria's list of things to do next year.

My Suva Picnic Park, Suva Point, Komo Park in Samabula, Princes Rd, Mead Rd and Walu Bay have been identified as areas sound enough for mini-markets.

Mr Umaria said vegetable and fruit vendors sell on the roadside close to these areas.

"It's not a healthy practice and vendors could become liable for their action as it contravenes municipal regulations," he said, adding they were also becoming a risk to traffic.

"The mini-markets will legalise vendor operations such as these.

"The mini-markets will also allow people to generate income from a safe and secure location with all amenities."

Mr Umaria said the success of the My Suva Picnic Park had led to SCC planning to revamp Suva Point as well.

"Suva Point is an iconic venue and has history attached to it.

"It's not in a deplorable state but with the picnic park looking good, there is a need to lift the standards."

Mr Umaria said SCC did not want to rely solely on rates and that income generating projects were always welcome.

Komo Park in Samabula, which has been pencilled in as a mini-market site, will also accommodate a fire station.

Mr Umaria is adamant that such developments would not hinder the use of the park for sports purposes.