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Fight NCDs, take a run

Rashneel Kumar
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

THE Jet Runners Club will start its 2014 season with a new year's five kilometre event on January 4.

Following a successful season this year where it hosted several races, the Nadi club hopes to keep building on the momentum it had set.

Club president and founder Abinesh Kumar said they would have four categories of competition in the upcoming event.

They include primary school, secondary school, open and veteran's categories.

"We are starting with our competition straightaway. Our aim is to have more competitions next year," Kumar said.

"We have two or three more events in the pipeline but that will be confirmed once we set up our event calendar which will be in early January."

Kumar said the event was sponsored by former national rep Rajen Singh who now resides in Melbourne, Australia.

"We request people to come and compete in such events and we encourage parents to bring their children into sports activities so that they live a healthy life.

"Running is not only meant for race, it can be for social purposes too.

"Since most of the Fijians are affected by non-communicable diseases, running is the best exercise that will help fight this disease."

Kumar also asked athletes to make use of the resources they have to progress in the sporting arena.