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Will to succeed

Shayal Devi
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

UNDETERRED by her disabilities, Taina Sauleca is convinced that as long as she feels fine and healthy, she will continue to work and earn money.

A team from this newspaper came across the 57-year-old Lovu HART home resident during the Labour of Love foundation market in Lautoka where she was selling tie-dyed pillowcases and bedsheets.

"This is the first time for me to come to such an event," she said.

Ms Sauleca, the project officer with the Western Disabled People's Association, said she had been unable to sell her products at previous events because of unfavourable weather.

"I was invited from day one but since I am in a wheelchair, I had difficulty in the rain.

"I am glad the fine weather permitted me to come here."

Ms Sauleca has managed to get many people involved with similar projects to earn money for themselves.

"Here, we are selling tie-dyed pillowcases and bedsheets, with some bananas that we planted in our back yard and handicraft items.

"I feel like I have the strength to earn a living.

"Before this, I used to sell doormats and they have been sold. I am very happy when that happens."

She said all the things she sold on the day were made by disabled men from Lovu HART homes.

She said while it was encouraging to note that people were doing their best to make a living, it was disheartening that some were not bothering to try.

"Many people still wait for free handouts and do not do anything themselves. We had a visit from the Labour of Love foundation members and they relayed messages for people to come out and earn a living."