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Wish comes true for lad

Tevita Vuibau
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NINETEEN-year-old Aziz Ali wanted to be a Sapper ever since he was a child.

And he finally got that wish.

After leaving Suva Muslim School, he enlisted with the Sappers and has never looked back.

"I joined the Sappers because I wanted to join the engineering department located in Nabuni," the youngest Sapper said.

"It's quite challenging to be an engineer in this time but I'm happy and I'm enjoying my time here.

"I always wanted to be a Sapper and I'm looking forward to getting a new rank."

Spr Ali said it was an honour to be a part of a hardworking unit that was doing its best to serve the people of Fiji.

"Ever since I've joined the Sappers, I've experienced alot like building houses and learning to work with explosives and getting along with many races and I'm enjoying the experience."