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Sappers reflect on the year and their achievements

Tevita Vuibau
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ENGINEERS of the Royal Fiji Military Forces took time out at their annual Sappers Day celebrations to reflect on the year that was and their achievements.

Engineers' operations officer Captain Mikaele Wara said the unit had achieved much this year but had more work to do come 2014.

"This year has been a very busy year for the unit as a whole.

"We have been in existence for close to 40 years now since 1975 with the whole purpose of using soldiers to do development projects around the country," Captain Wara said in an interview at the celebration that was held at Nabuni along Cunningham Rd yesterday.

"We've had 32 projects this year. We've completed some but we have to complete more — some of the projects are carried forward to next year so today is a day just for them to come back and relax and unwind."

He explained the 400-strong division had worked through a large number of projects in different parts of the country.

"These projects include the development of schools, construction, upgrading of roads, foot crossings, particularly in rural areas." Sappers Day is celebrated all over the world and Captain Wara said Fiji was no different.

"It is a very auspicious occasion for army engineers not just in Fiji but around the world where we celebrate this very special day.

"We've called the men back from out in the rural areas just to come and recuperate from the busy year we've had."