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Fishing council to issue licences

Repeka Nasiko
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FISHING wardens of the Tavua Fishing Council will begin issuing fishing licences from next year.

This was revealed by Tavualevu Village headman Joseva Sadonu, who is also the village representative to the council.

"This was one of the directives given to us by the late tui Tavua Ratu Jale Ratu," he said.

"The plan set out by him was that from next year, the council made up of fish wardens would start issuing licences to those who want to fish in our waters.

"The council is made up of licensed iTaukei and Indo-Fijian fishermen who are also fish wardens."

The council also wants to establish a new cooler for fishermen in Tavua.

"The old cooler is not doing the job so we want to get a new cooling system for our fishermen," Mr Sadonu said.

"A lot of them complain about not being able to have storage space and there is not enough ice for the fish."

He said these projects were plans set out by the late Tui Tavua for 2014.

"He was very passionate about the preservation of our fishing grounds and ensuring that our fish stock remains sustainable.

"Even though he has passed on, we will continue to carry out his work until there is a new leader installed."

The late chief was also a great supporter of the conservation of the environment.

Non-government organisation, SeaWeb, had rallied the support of Ratu Jale for the Fiji Locally Marine Managed Area Network campaign.

SeaWeb co-ordinator Alumeci Nakeke said Ratu Jale had agreed to become a champion for the cause that also looked to preserve species of kawakawa (rock cod).

She said Ratu Jale had agreed to shoot a promotional video that would encourage people not to buy, eat or sell this particular fish during its spawning season.