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New home for widow

Salaseini Moceiwai
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SHIU Wati of Tovata in Labasa is forever grateful to good Samaritans and the government for giving her family the life she yearned for in the 14 years since her husband passed away.

The widow, whose story of living in an old shack with her two children, sister and mentally-challenged brother was highlighted in this newspaper last year, has not only received a new home but also a proper water system.

On Monday, Water Authority of Fiji officials visited Ms Wati's home to install the system free of charge.

"We have been living in an old shack without proper sanitation facilities and water supply for the past 14 years and it was really difficult," she said.

"Social worker Selina Lee Wah was so helpful to us because she was the one who negotiated with donors and the government for our house and water supply."

Ms Wati said in October the family spent Diwali in their new home, "and now we will be enjoying Christmas with a proper water supply".

"Before, we used to borrow water from our neighbours and sometimes we would go to the well, but now this will be over as we have our own water system.

"I thank Ms Lee Wah and the government for their assistance and support."

Ms Lee Wah said she approached the authorities to regularise Ms Wati's water system.

The Commissioner Northern's office approached WAF for the water meter installation.