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Extra time at no cost

Shalveen Chand
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BUSINESSES in the Capital City will not have to apply for permits to extend opening hours in the city.

Suva City Council special administrator Chandu Umaria has extended opening hours to 10pm daily until January 1 next year.

"SCC is waiving the application processes. Sometimes this little requirements take up time," said Mr Umaria.

"This also means there is no need to pay fees as well.

"This is the festive season and we want businesses to make the most of the shopping frenzy.

"Furthermore, SCC services such as garbage collection will continue as normal, even on public holidays."

Mr Umaria said nightclubs, bars and restaurants would have to follow the regulated hours as per the law.

This move has been welcomed by the Suva Retailers Association.

Association president Himmat Lodhia said it was an extremely good gesture on the part of SCC.

"A lot of businesses in Suva would like to open for longer. MHCC, TappooCity and Damodar City are opening longer," said Mr Lodhia.

Some of these businesses, headded, had security concerns.

"Some will not open due to their location while some may extend hours slightly."

According to Mr Lodhia, the consumers were the ones benefitting the most.

He said other municipalities should also follow suit.