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Be more vigilant, says doc

Tevita Vuibau
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

THE Ministry of Health will step up prevention efforts if they discover that a new strain of dengue has indeed been found in the country.

Suspicions of the new strain arose after an unusually high number of cases of dengue were recorded in the past month.

However, the ministry is awaiting the return of blood tests and other data to confirm this.

But acting national adviser communicable diseases Dr Mike Kama said if the new strain was confirmed, more effort would be put into established preventative methods.

"It won't be a different approach.

It will just be a scaling up of preventative activities like ensuring there is no still water in containers and drains around the house and keeping grass short," Dr Kama said.

He previously called on people to be more vigilant with preventative measures and he explained this needed to increase if a new strain was confirmed.

"So the thing is we are laying the groundwork which we will just intensify," he said.

He said if the new strain of dengue was confirmed to be in the country, the increased preventative measures would help bring down the number of cases.

"What happens is that right now, it's probably just a bit more than the circulating strain.

"We just want to reduce it to a level that the endemic strain overrides it.

"But we can't monitor that, we can just observe it."

Dr Kama also said a further update on the number of cases would be available today.