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Take control

Mere Naleba
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FARMERS from eight villages in Natewa district gathered last month at Vusaratu Village in Cakaudrove to be part of a participatory learning and action research workshop.

The workshop organised by the poverty monitoring unit in the Prime Minister's Office featured the participants learning ways to take control of their lives.

Akini Qauqau from the poverty monitoring unit said the workshop was an approach in which participants represented those smaller, less dominant voices who learnt how to take control of decisions which affect their lives.

Mr Qauqau said the participants were taught to use tools, methods, techniques, and exercises to understand the need, problems and concerns of people, leading to concrete action.

The two-day workshop drew participants from Buca, Dawa, Vusaratu, Natewa and Vusasivo villages, while villagers from Karoko, Kanakana, Muana, Nailou, Naqaravatu, Navidi and Wailevu met on the last day of the workshop.

The concerns raised by the participants were compiled by a government team and submitted to the provincial administrator's office in Savusavu.