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Uni launches new logo

Dawn Gibson
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MEMBERS of the Fiji National University Employees Association (FNUEA) launched their new logo over the weekend, something they say will allow them to align the organisation's values better with the FNU body values.

The association, which was initially known as the Fiji School of Medicine Employees Association (FSMEA), rebranded its logo to display two hands and three "human symbols", as president Dr Jioji Ralovo describes it.

"Two hands — the union, three human symbols — the association members, the hand is the protector, the supporter or the helper," Dr Ralovo said in a statement.

"As a young and dynamic association, the FNUEA is positive and optimistic that the future of FNU is bright and it stands ready at all times to work in close collaboration with the vice-chancellor and his management team to build a world class institution."

Some of the association's key roles, according to Dr Ralovo, include maintaining just and proper rates of salary, hours of work and other conditions of work ensuring that members interest are protected.

"To promote a spirit of mutual respect and understanding between the FNU council and FNUEA members. And to provide members, and in certain circumstances, their families with monetary assistance and benefits under its constitution/policy."