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Relishing the challenge

Shayal Devi
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HOUSEWIFE Mona Swami is relishing the challenge of getting started on her small-scale business to help her husband with household expenses.

The mother of two now makes and sells homemade chutney and hand-printed sulu in an effort to earn money for her children.

Displaying the fruits of her hard work at the Labour of Love foundation market in Lautoka at the weekend, Mrs Swami said it was the first time for her to sell her products.

"I usually make chutney and jams at home and sell them to people I know or whoever knows about the products I make," the 42-year-old said.

Apart from hand-printed sulu, she sold toilet paper holders and tamarind chutney.

"I make all my products at home because I usually have time, so I decided to put my time to better use and do something that would help my family.

"My children are in school and help me buy materials and also help with the hand-printing of the sulu. This is my first year to sell my products outside of my home."

Since the Field 40 resident started selling her products, she said it helped her family.

"My husband is the major breadwinner but I like to help him out as both our children are in school, so we need money for them as well."

Apart from tamarind chutney, Mrs Swami said she also made pineapple jam.