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Stay safe, MOH urges

Tevita Vuibau
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THE Ministry of Health is calling on people to be vigilant and ensure they keep themselves safe from mosquitos after 13 new cases of dengue were discovered at CWM Hospital in the past week.

Communicable diseases acting national adviser Dr Mike Kama said it was very important for people to recognise the symptoms of dengue and present themselves for medical care immediately.

"So the classical symptoms of the disease is you'll get an acute onset of high grade fever and you might get a very bad headache, a headache bad enough to make you lie in bed," Dr Kama said.

"And you'll get retro orbital pain, pain behind the back of your eyes. You'll get generalised body pain all throughout and you won't want to do any work.

"It will be very painful to move and you'll get rashes all throughout your body."

He explained that people could also contract dengue hemorrhagic fever which happened when someone who had already contracted an initial strain of dengue, contracted a different strain.

"So they haemorrhage internally and the symptoms of that is that you will get bleeding gums and then you easily get bruises so that's another situation and it's potentially fatal."

He said there were preventative measures that could be taken as well to keep people safe.