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Maritime authority to investigate incident

Dawn Gibson
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FOLLOWING Saturday morning's ordeal at sea with the MV Suilven, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji has confirmed the matter will be investigated.

Authority CEO Neale Slack confirmed via email the authority would be in touch once investigations were complete.

"I confirm receipt of your email and will respond after this matter has been investigated," Mr Slack said in an email on Sunday evening.

On Saturday morning, the ship, which was carrying passengers from Savusavu to Suva, experienced a few issues with its steering, leaving passengers in a state of fright.

One passenger recalled her ordeal to The Sunday Times on Saturday, explaining that the vessel had issues which forced it to continuously circle in open water.

"We were outside the Suva Bay when the vessel just kept circling and circling out in the open sea.

"It must have circled about six times and the passengers were very frightened," said the passenger, Loretta Whippy, in The Sunday Times. She said the passengers were not informed about what was going on, creating a worrisome atmosphere for them.

On Sunday evening, shipowner Ben Naidu clarified that the GPS which was installed on the Suilven played up on Saturday, somewhere near the Suva Bay, as Ms Whippy had recalled.