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History for Fiji Red Cross

Mere Naleba
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THE Fiji Red Cross Society has been elected ahead of other Pacific Island nations to the governing board of the International Federation of Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies.

In announcing the society's achievement yesterday, society president Nitin Gandhi said it was a historic moment for Fiji as this was the first time that the society was voted to be a member of the IFRC governing body.

He said Fiji had the blessings from other Red Cross society offices in the Pacific.

Fiji's entry to be part of the governing body will also allow the society to raise issues on climate change, non-communicable diseases, natural disasters and other issues that are of national interest to all Pacific Island.

Among all these problems is migration, unemployment and gender based violence.

"Geographically, 95 per cent of the Pacific Islands is covered with water, isolation is simply the norm," he said

"The Pacific region is the largest recipient of aid per capita in the world.

"Yet small island states face different circumstances than other developing countries in creating resilient communities".

Fiji was elected to be part of the governing board of the IFRC during the 19th session of the general assembly held in Sydney last month.