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'Make it count'

Avinesh Gopal
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THE Social Democratic Liberal Party has urged people who have not registered to vote in the 2014 Election to do so.

SODELPA general secretary Pio Tabaiwalu said visits by party officials to some areas revealed many people had yet to register.

Mr Tabaiwalu said the party realised that many people could not afford to travel far distances to get registered for the election.

He said registration was not a big problem in villages but it was a problem in urban and peri-urban centres.

"We even offer transport for people to go and register but only one third of them turn up because people have work to do on their farms and other places," he said.

"People don't have the finance to go and get registered and it's only good that the registration teams go house to house to register voters.

"But since that's not being done, I strongly urge all people, irrespective of which political party they support, to go out and register to vote in the 2014 Election.

"The 2014 Election is a very important one for the country and the people and as such must make all efforts to register."

Mr Tabaiwalu said to ensure a democratic government governs the country after September next year, a good number of voters had to be registered.

"This election is important and by registering, we will be saying we want democracy and good governance.

"People should make their votes count. It's the most realistic way of telling the world we want democracy."

Last week, Mr Tabaiwalu said many unemployed youths showed interest in contesting the election on a SODELPA ticket.

Of all the applications received by the party so far, he said about 75 per cent were from unemployed youths who had degrees and were well-qualified.