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Wait for electoral laws

Avinesh Gopal
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NATIONAL Federation Party president Raman Singh says his recent case with the Independent Legal Services Commission will not have any effect on his political career.

Mr Singh was fined $3000 by the commission last month for unprofessional conduct in a matter arising out of a land deal.

"The recent case with the ILSC won't have any effect on my position as NFP president. It wasn't a case of dishonesty," he said.

"I don't think it will have any effect on my political career."

Mr Singh said the party was planning to conduct its annual general meeting, which would be the first thing on its calendar next year.

He said the AGM was expected to be held sometime in either February or March, with the election of office bearers high on the agenda.

Also, he said the party was holding pocket meetings and electing committee members in various parts of the country.

"People are willing to come forward and take up positions in the committees. In fact, people are eager for the election.

"However, we need a vigorous voter education program as people are asking about the voting system and other things."

Mr Singh said the sooner the electoral laws were put in place by the government, the better it would be for all political parties.

He said people were excited at the prospect of a return to democracy.

The party says it can only work out its strategies for the election when the electoral laws are in place and other appointments made.