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Skills help group support families

Shayal Devi
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

USING their skills of mastering craft-making and weaving, the women of Koroipita in Lautoka have been earning money to support their families.

And this has been further supported through organisations such as the Labour of Love foundation.

Seven women recently attended the Labour of Love Foundation market in Lautoka over the weekend.

Group leader Sowela Kalouniva said the platforms created by the organisation benefited underprivileged families.

"It really meets our needs and wants and allows us to earn some money as well," the 66-year-old said.

"This helps families and we are very grateful because the event happening in the festive season will surely help us.

"That's what made us join the list of vendors for the day."

The group sold Christmas decorations created by the women of Koroipita Village, along with bracelets, ornaments and bags.

Ms Kalouniva said the markets were important to the ladies.

"We come here and our fare is paid for by this foundation.

"We are also joined by our families and this makes the experience even more special as we get to spend quality time together.

"We also sell our handicrafts and ornaments in Koroipita when volunteers are around."

The platforms provided for the women to sell their products had improved lives and according to Ms Kalouniva, many children benefited as well.

"A difference has been made in the lives of the single mothers who have lots of children."