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Women earn income from handicraft sales at Sunday LOL market

Shayal Devi
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ABOUT 22 women of Lautoka displayed their skills in creating unique pieces of handicraft and cooking delicacies at the Labour of Love foundation market in Lautoka on Sunday.

Foundation president Paula Rafiq said the market was a platform for the women to earn some extra dollars for their families.

"Most of the time, these ladies are not given a proper platform from which to sell their products," she said.

"With the festive season upon us, we thought of doing this for them."

The Labour of Love Foundation initiative, known as the LOL markets, are held once every three months in the Sugar City with the aim of engaging women in doing their bit to help their families.

"We are also engaged with our women in different ways, the agriculture show being one of them.

"Officials of the Rural Women's Day had also invited our female vendors to take part.

"We recently held our Eid and Diwali mela as well and the main purpose was to get members of the community together for a worthy cause and mingle with each other."

Vendors turned up with their families to enjoy the day as youths put on various performances to keep the people entertained on Sunday.

"We do not have limits to what the vendors sell, we have handicraft and food.

"The vendors are mostly from the Lovu HART homes and Koroipita."

In the meantime, there are plans in the pipeline for more community involvement next year.

"For next year, we hope to continue the markets with more people included and would like greater support by the business community and the public as well," Mrs Rafiq said.

"We would like to hold the markets more often and that will be possible when members of the community come out to support these ladies.

She said the kind support of some business houses made the markets possible.

"I would like to thank Tappoo for allowing us to hold the markets here and P Meghji and Punjas for their support along with the hard-working ladies of Labour of Love"

Mrs Rafiq urged more women to join the markets

"We have a Facebook page where people can contact us and we are always looking for vendors with new ideas."