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Bee farming in school curriculum

Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THERE is a need to revise the agricultural science syllabus in secondary schools to ensure bee farming is included in all schools.

Speaking at a bee farming symposium in the North, the Agriculture Ministry's national co-ordinator for the honey industry, Kamal Prasad, said the subject had been introduced in 20 schools.

Mr Prasad said they were working with the Education Ministry to implement bee farming as a subject in all schools.

"We have begun training and introducing secondary school agricultural science teachers to bee farming through our symposiums so that they can, in turn, teach their students what they have learnt," he said.

"Honey production is a lucrative business and students can be taught how to tap into these forms of income-generating projects.

"This can also lead to poverty alleviation."

Senior agricultural education officer Makelesi Driu said the symposium in the North was attended by secondary schoolteachers.

"Some schools in the North have started implementing the subject of bee farming in their schools this year while others will begin next year," Ms Driu said.

"We will also begin training secondary schoolteachers in the West next year.

"Agricultural science teachers in all three regions will be working closely with agricultural officers to ensure the successful implementation of the subject in their schools."