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Rewarding experience

Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIN Dayal has a success story that is sweeter than the honey he produces on his Nagigi farm outside Labasa Town.

The 56-year-old farmer says since starting his small bee farm of five hives earlier this year, the income earned has helped expand his business and support his family.

Mr Dayal, a cane and vegetable farmer, said 50 kilograms of honey had already been harvested from his farm this year.

"I have never regretted going into the bee farming business apart from my cane and vegetables," he said.

"I managed to make more than $4000 from the sale of honey and I'm planning to increase the number of my hives to 60 in the near future.

"From my calculations, the 60 hives would generate around $20,000 per annum for me and my family.

"At the moment I am working closely with the agriculture office in Labasa to seek their assistance with my future plans."

Mr Dayal said since taking up bee farming his interest had grown.

"The money generated from my farm has helped me pay for daily expenses and even buy other implements to better my business.

"My dream is to become an established bee farmer and make the most out of it.

"I am thankful to the Ministry of Agriculture for including me in this year's symposium and I do encourage farmers of Labasa to take up bee farming as it does not require a large portion of land like other agricultural activities."