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Golf meet postponed in Nadi

Zanzeer Singh
Monday, December 16, 2013

THE Nadi Airport Golf Association annual general meeting was postponed yesterday after a lack of quorum.

Club members failed to attend the meeting which disappointed the executives.

Only 11 members turned up for the meeting forcing the postponement.

Nadi Airport Golf Club president Chandra Segran Pillay said they would call for another meeting within 30 days under their constitution.

He said there were no nominations for the office bearers.

"It is disappointing to see the members showing lack of support for the club," Pillay said.

"The club membership has dropped. The cost of maintaining the course and the club has gone high.

"We have struggled to get sponsors. But we are grateful to those who have come on board. The members have to start showing their interest to help the club turn things around."

Pillay said they would call for another meeting in 30 days.

"If there is no quorum the meeting will still continue and we will select the new office bearers from the floor," he said

Meanwhile the Nadi Airport nine-hole event and Christmas party will be held next Sunday. Entry fee is $15.