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Inmates learn to add value

Torika Tokalau
Monday, December 16, 2013

INMATES at the Suva Remand Centre were shown added values of fish products during a two-day workshop at the facility.

Facilitated by representatives from Indonesia's Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Affairs, the workshop taught inmates that other than fish flesh which is eaten, the skin and waste of fish can be used to make wallets, belts and used as animal feed.

"It is a great eye opener for all of us as we didn't know there could be other uses of fish other than to eat them," remand inmate Robert Yan, 41, said.

"It is great to see that we can make these products from something that is readily available to us."

Mr Yan said being a part of the workshop encouraged him to look into this field of business when released.

"With the proper support, it is possible. It is something new and one that each of us is excited to venture into," he said.

Workshop facilitator Theresa Dwi, a researcher, said products from fish were in high demand in Indonesia.

"Fiji has a lot of marine resources and if people can tap into this business, they can create great opportunities for themselves, their families, communities and villages."

The workshop started on Friday and ended over the weekend.