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LTA clears rental issue

Repeka Nasiko
Monday, December 16, 2013

RENTAL companies have the freedom to issue cars to new drivers.

This was revealed by Land Transport Authority spokesman Iliesa Sokia in light of the revelation of the 20-year-old driver who was behind the wheel of a vehicle that veered off course, resulting in the death of two teenagers in Tavua last week.

According to police investigators, the driver had a provisional licence that was just a few months old.

Mr Sokia said rental businesses were not regulated to issue cars to only certain drivers.

"It is really the choice of the rental companies whether they want to give a rental car to inexperienced drivers," he said.

"If they get a driver who has not been on the road for that long, then it is their choice to give their car to this person or not."

Mr Sokia said the authority was saddened by the number of fatalities recorded during the festive season.

"The deaths of the two teenagers in Tavua really concerned and saddened us.

"Such young lives have been wasted and two more people are in critical condition in hospital from that one accident.

"This is one of the things that we at the authority don't want happening especially during a time when families should be celebrating and not mourning the death of a loved one."

Mr Sokia said the authority would continue with awareness campaigns and their message registers with the travelling public.

Meanwhile, police confirmed the young driver's licence had been cancelled pending further investigations.