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Revamp for shelter

Repeka Nasiko
Monday, December 16, 2013

THE Rakiraki Town Council has taken it upon itself to renovate the women market vendor's overnight shelter.

The building, made possible through the United Nations Women Partnership Improving Market Project, has been in need of an upgrade.

Rakiraki Town Council's interim special administrator Ralulu Cirikiyasawa said waiting on a contracted carpenter had taken too long.

"There was supposed to be a carpenter who was contracted to do this job but we have been facing some problems with him," he said.

"So we decided that we are not going to wait any longer and get our own guys to do the job."

Mr Cirikiyasawa said the shelter was important for accommodating women who travelled from afar to sell produce at the Vaileka Market in Rakiraki Town.

"Ensuring that the shelter is in a good condition is important because women market vendors depend on it for shelter.

"The accommodation is a place where they can stay for a number of days in Rakiraki and that means earning more income for themselves," he said.

The accommodation was officially opened by Minister for Primary Industries, Joketani Cokanasiga, alongside stakeholders from the Ra Provincial Council, Rakiraki Town Council, government department heads and Vaileka Market Vendors Association last year.