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293 nurses in eight years

Salaseini Moceiwai
Monday, December 16, 2013

THE Sangam College of Nursing in Labasa has produced 293 qualified nurses who have been employed locally and abroad since its inception eight years ago.

Speaking to the 65 student nurses who graduated from the college in the northern town on Friday, TISI Sangam president and Sangam School of Technology chairman, Sadasivan Naicker said the college continued to produce qualified nurses.

"For those nurses employed overseas, they are mostly based in Australia and New Zealand," he said.

"The college was established in 2005 after the approval of the Cabinet following the signing of the deed of agreement in 2004 between the TISI Sangam and the government.

"Sixty three per cent of the students today are receiving some form of scholarship and financial assistance from government and this is something we are really thankful for."

Mr Naicker said government had absorbed its graduates in the civil service in terms of employment.