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Road condition angers farmers

Salaseini Moceiwai
Monday, December 16, 2013

FARMERS who have resettled at Valelawa Road Two in Macuata are frustrated with the road conditions in the area.

According to the road committee president Satya Prasad, such conditions were attributed to the heavy-laden trucks that used the road daily to load gravel from a nearby river.

"We have been requesting the contractors responsible for about one and half years now to repair our road but it seems that they are just ignoring us. They repaired it a few times but yet the condition continues to deteriorate ," he said.

"The main road is about three kilometres from where we live and most of us usually walk to get there. During rainy season, it's really hard to drive through the road because vehicles usually get bogged.

"The old people and sickly in this area really have difficulties in getting to the main road because of this bad road issue."

Mr Prasad said officials from the then Public Works Department used to conduct similar activities in the area but always helped them in upgrading the road condition.

"Private cars and other small vehicle drivers are the ones who suffer a lot because they can't use the road.

"We have written a letter to the Commissioner Northern's office to seek appropriate action.

"Now that we have entered yet another wet season, we are calling on relevant authorities to look into our plight," he said.

Acting Commissioner Northern Alipate Bolalevu said he would look into the matter.