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Suilven owner clears the air

Avinesh Gopal
Monday, December 16, 2013

THE owner of MV Suilven last night cleared the air surrounding an incident involving the vessel at sea over the weekend.

Venu Shipping's managing director Ben Naidu was responding to an article that appeared on the front page of The Sunday Times where a passenger expressed concern about an incident that happened just before the ship entered the Suva Harbour.

Mr Naidu said the GPS installed on the vessel played up on Saturday morning on its way back to Suva from Savusavu.

Mr Naidu said the vessel did not circle six times as claimed by a passenger.

He said the system played up on the way to Savusavu, where the necessary work was done.

"We were near Suva Bay when the system played up again and the vessel was pulling towards starboard at five degrees," he said.

"I was on board myself and I said to stop the boat. We tried to fix it and the boat could respond to the system at five knots, so we came slowly and no one complained," he said.